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Teresa P.

March 24, 2018

 I must begin with a great big "THANK YOU" to Kyle and everyone at your store. Recently I walked in off the street carrying my wedding ring and my 25th Anniversary Ring. It was my hope that it would be possible to combine both rings into one. Then the ring I wear is a symbol of 35 fabulous years. The end result of Ames Silversmithing's work with me is absolutely breathtaking. I could not have possibly imagined how gorgeous it is and how much it means to me. I cried when I saw the pictures and when I saw it, it took my breath away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today my husband slipped this ring on my finger in his room at a local care center. It will be there for the rest of our lives. Thank you.

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The staff at Ames Silversmithing is trained through the Gemological Institute of America, the leading gemological laboratory in the world. We are always happy to share our knowledge to ensure our customers make an informed decision whe selecting a diamond or colored gemstone.
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