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Mandy S.

July 6, 2018

 22 years ago on June 21st I received an engagement ring from my now husband that was made at Ames Silversmithing. We then got married and I got the matching wedding band, all expertly made from Ames Silversmithing. Fast forward almost 22 years and I lost that wedding set unexpectedly while on vacation. Now living out of state, I contacted Gary for help with the insurance claim on the ring and he went above and beyond to be an advocate for me with the insurance as well as helping me to be sure to get a faiar appraisal and replacement reimbursement. Of course, I wanted my ring remade at Ames SS and asked Gary to remake from a photo I sent him. The mock ups were great and all I had to do was get a ring size. He made the new ring and unbeknownst to me, my husband had contacted Gary and asked him to add an anniversary band to the replacement ring. Gary expertly made the ring, sent it to my husband's friend and went out of his way to keep the ring a surprise until my husband gave it to me again on the day of our engagement 22 years later! WHAT A SURPRISE! I was blown away at the beauty of the replacement ring and could not be happier with the new and improved ring that Gary made for me! I cannot thank you enough Gary for your help, care and wonderful services that you gave to me and my husband! I LOVE the new ring and am so thankful that you were able to make such a close replacement ring to the original! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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