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Don H.

December 30, 2017

 I got careless when changing the battery in my wife's pick-up truck. While holding a wrench I happened to touch the negative post on the battery with my wedding ring and it melted a small part of the channel that holds the diamonds in place. I stopped into the store to get an estimate for repair and was pleasantly surprised when the gentleman took my ring and returned in a very short time. It was polished and the damaged area buffed out so that it looked perfect. I may have to have a more intense repair at some point in time but for now he was able to make my ring look new and the damage undetectable to the human eye. When I asked what I owed he said absolutely nothing, just come back when you would like to have a permeant repair completed. That my friends is customer service. My wife and I have always been completely satisfied everytime we step inside Ames Silversmithing. Thank you!

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The staff at Ames Silversmithing is trained through the Gemological Institute of America, the leading gemological laboratory in the world. We are always happy to share our knowledge to ensure our customers make an informed decision whe selecting a diamond or colored gemstone.
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