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Will Ames Silversmithing buy my diamond? If so, how much can I expect to get?

 Sometimes!  We are typically interested in stones that are .75 carat and larger and prefer diamonds that are either round, princess, cushion, or radiant cut.  Rarely would anyone be able to sell their diamond for what they paid for it.  Think of it kind of in terms of selling a car.  Your specific diamond is a certain size, shape, color and clarity, like a car is a certain make, model, color, and vehicle type.  Go to a car dealership (jewelry store) and you can have your pick of cars (diamonds).  Now try to sell your car (diamond) ten years later and it may only appeal to a certain sector of potential buyers.  Ames Silversmithing has access at any time to diamonds at dealer prices, so to buy your diamond over the counter it would need to be in Ames Silversmithing's financial interest were a deal to be struck.  But hey... you never know unless you ask!


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The staff at Ames Silversmithing is trained through the Gemological Institute of America, the leading gemological laboratory in the world. We are always happy to share our knowledge to ensure our customers make an informed decision whe selecting a diamond or colored gemstone.
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